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SD6N bulldozer is 170 horsepower track-type dozer with hydraulic direct drive, semi-rigid. Suspended and pilot hydraulic control. It is equipped with Cummins QSL9.3 China stage III, The engine has the characteristics of big torque reserve coefficient and capacity against over-load. The torque converter is a hydro-mechanical converter whose power is divided outside, which has the characteristics of wide high efficiency range.


·         Engine - Guangxi Cummins (Electronic Injectors)

·         Engine Rated Power (136 KW/182 HP)

·         Operating weight 16,800 Kg (without ripper)

·         Pilot joy stick hydraulic control

·         LED Lights


Make:                   Guangxi Cummins

Model:                 Guangxi Cummins QSL9.3

Type:                     Electric control injector, charge air cooled

Cooling System Type:    Water cooled

Turbo charged: Yes

Rated Power (KW/HP):                 136/182               

Rated Revolution (rpm):              1850

Maximum Torque (N.m/rpm):   Maximum Torque (N.m/rpm)

No. of cylinders:                              6

Bore x Stroke (mm):       116 x 145

Displacement:                  9.3 L

Fan Drive type:                 Mechanical

Min ground clearance (mm):      445

Compression rate:                          16.8: 1

Fuel filter:          3

Fuel System Type:           Guangxi Cummins type, electronic control fuel injection


Alternator:                         24V / 50A

Starting motor:                 7 KW

Battery Rating:                  2 x 12V, 100 Ah

LED Lights:          Yes


Torque convertor / Clutch:                          Torque Convertor

Type:     Power separating hydraulic mechanical type

Transmission/Gear Box:                               Transmission Type

Type / Model:   Power shift planetary transmission with 3 speeds forward and 3 speed reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted

No. of gear forward:       3

No. of gear backward:   3

Max forward speed:       10.8

Max reverse speed:       12.9

Maximum drawbar pull:                               1st gear - 131.68 KN 2nd gear - 124.95 KN


Operation type:                               Pilot hydraulic control

Hydraulic pump

Type:                     Gears oil pump

Capacity / Discharge:     167 (L/min)

Relief pressure / Max pressure:                               15.5 Mpa

Hydraulic cylinders

Type:                     Double acting piston type

Double acting piston type:                          2 / 100 x 1000

Blade tilt (No. of cylinders/bore x stroke):          1 / 160 x 140

Ripper: (No. of cylinders /Bore x Stroke (mm)): Ripper: 1 / (184.25 x 304.8)

Control Valves Type:      Pilot operated with joystick control


Type:                     Multiple disc oil, power metallurgy, disc compressed by spring

Steering Control:                             Hydraulically operated


Track gauge (mm) / Track pitch:                 1880

Track rollers (each side):              7

Carrier rollers (each side):           2

Track shoes (each side):                               39

Shoe width (mm):           560 / 610 (Optional)

Ground pressure:                            56.2 Kpa including ripper and blade

No. of idler (each side):                                1


Engine:                                 Replaceable cartridge filter

Transmission:    One magnetic oil strainer and replaceable element by-pass filter

Steering & Braking:        One magnetic oil strainer and replaceable element by-pass filter

Hydraulic System:           Return filter


Operating mass (kg) (approx.):                  without ripper – 16800

Blade Specifications – General

BLADE ATTACHMENT 1 - Standard Machine:                       Tilt Semi U blade

Overall length with dozer:                          5167 with ripper – 6145

Max. Lift above ground / height (mm):                  998

Max. Drop below ground/ Max digging depth:                  592

Blade / Dozing Capacity (Cum):                 4.6

Mass in (kg) Dozer Blade attachment / Dozing weight:  2100 kg

Blade width (mm):          3324

Blade height (mm):        1170

BLADE ATTACHMENT (Optional blade):                 Coal blade - U type

Overall length with dozer:                          5167

Max. Lift above ground / Max lifting height (mm):          998

Max. Drop below ground / Maximum digging depth:                     592

Blade / Dozing Capacity (Cum):                 6.7

Mass in (kg) Dozer Blade attachment / Dozing weight:  2310

Blade width (mm):          3676

Blade height (mm):        1350

SYSTEM FLUID CAPACITY / Coolant and Lubricant

System (Refilling):          Litres

Cooling System / Coolant (L):     40

Fuel tank (L):     265

Engine Oil (Crank case):                                20

Transmission, torque convertor:                              92

Bevel gear case and steering system

Final drive (each side):                 19

Hydraulic tank:                 80


Type:                     Brake is oil two direction floating band break

Control / Actuation type:             Operated by mechanical foot pedal

CABIN:                  Sealed cabin with air conditioner (optional)

INSTRUMENTATION:      Hour meter, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, battery charge indicator, horn, oil pressure gauge, front light, rear lights, plough lights, indicator lights

ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENTS:     1). Air conditioner 2). U blade (Coal blade) 3). 3 shank ripper 4). Solid waste blade 5). Special machine for solid waste with broad 910mm triangular track plates and solid waste blade with additional protection.




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