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Join our team of highly trained doctors to help us assist the communities of the Gold Coast, Logan, Redlands, Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Moreton (including North Lakes and Redcliffe), the Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns. By providing urgent care to patients in their homes when clinics are closed, we’re able to take the load off busy hospital emergency departments. 

House Call Doctor is currently experiencing high demand in these communities and as a result, is seeking doctors for full time locum positions to join our already bustling team of friendly and exceptional doctors. The position is for a minimum of three months, with the option to stay on. 

Accommodation and flights included.


·  Generally Registered on AHPRA with a minimum of two years post graduate experience

·  Looking for an exciting and varied role with the chance to make a real difference in the community whilst simultaneously achieving career progression.


Join the team that provides the most support to their doctors and earn more than you would in a hospital.

·  Unrivalled remuneration: Being the biggest provider of after-hours service in QLD means we also have the largest volume of patients, putting you firmly in control of your billings and providing you excellent earning potential.

·  Free doctors bag: Conditions apply

·  Full support and easy application process: From Medicare and Department of Health applications to Medicare and DVA billing, we will take care of all the administration so that your time is dedicated to your patients.

·  We also value and support your career development and personal growth. Working with House Call Doctor allows you to gain up to 2.5 years towards your eligibility to sit the RACGP Fellowship exam.

·  Supporting our doctors is very important here at House Call Doctor. As well as training courses and clinical sessions available, we always have an experienced doctor or Medical Director on shift who can assist other doctors with enquiries they may have surrounding a patient. On the road support is only ever a phone call away.

·  A safe working environment: Option for home pick up and drop off with a chaperone who will accompany you on your home visits.

·  Opiate-free practice.

·  Everything you need is provided: You’ll have your own dedicated triage and appointment scheduling service, the latest technology and the option of a company vehicle, chaperone and a fully stocked doctor’s bag.


To apply, visit our page and click ‘careers’ to apply. 


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