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How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1330

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QuickBooks POS Error 1330 indicates the clear presence of an invalid information signature while reinstalling POS version 7 on or windows 7. It is strongly suggested to uninstall the POS to fix the damaged data cab files since this is normally a Windows error.

If you want to Know about How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1330, contact Quickbooks.

Just how to uninstall Quickbooks POS?
Step 1- Make sure you’ve saved all of your important files and then exit all programs.

Step 2- head to the control board after which double tap Add or Remove Programs.

Step 3- Select QuickBooks Point of Sale from the set of programs and then click from the “Change/Remove” button; either one of these buttons must be available on the screen according to the type of Windows installed on your pc.

Step 4- Click ‘Yes’ from the Add or Remove Programs dialogue box.

Step 5- Rename the QuickBooks Point of Sale 7.0 organizer following the uninstallation is completed (the default area is C:Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale 7.0).

Step 6- Rename the C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataIntuitQuickBooks Point of Sale.

Step 7- Rename the QBPOSDBSrvUser envelope positioned in C:Documents and Settings.

Step 8- Clear the QBPOSDBSrvUser Windows login.

Step 9- Press the Windows Start button and pick Run. Now, enter control in the wild field and then click on “OK”.

Step 10- Next, double click on “User Accounts”.

Step 11- Click the Users tab and select “QBPOSDBSrvUse” in the given drop down of User Names.

Step 12- Click “Remove” to be able to erase the record and confirm the cancellation. Be sure to close all open windows.

Step 13- To finish the uninstall, restart the computer.

QuickBooks POS Error 1330 will be displayed to my computer. What should I do?
There is certainly a sophisticated mark allotted to your taxicab documents out of sight. That mark is dated, and whenever this date is contrasted with the system date, Error 1330 appears. To resolve this problem, stick to the given steps-

Step 1- Make sure all of your files are saved and exit all running programs.

Step 2- Double tap the sign in the low right associated with screen, and then reset the entire year into the required one.

Step 3- Next, let the installation procedures run normally.

Step 4- Set the season returning to the current year after the installation is complete.

Easy steps to eliminate QuickBooks POS Error 1330 
In the event that issue still persists, follow the given just below steps-

Step 1- Restart your pc in the “Selective Startup” mode after which refresh the Point of Sale with the outside refresh record.

Step 2- Now, uninstall and again reinstall the POS software and then refresh Point of Sale using the outside refresh record.

Step 3- it is suggested to restart your personal computer after finishing the steps given above so that the smooth running associated with system.

If you still continue steadily to face exactly the same issues or aren't able to execute the steps given above successfully, contact QuickBooks POS customer support immediately. The QuickBooks customer support system will guide and help you resolve the purpose of Sale error 1330. You can contact them via mail and get help online or visit their customer service centres.



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